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Our History:  We have been a part of the thermal spray industry, since 1978.   Our first customer was the Jet Engine Division of General Electric, here in Cincinnati, Ohio USA.

Our Mission: To make it easier, and less costly, for you to do business, To help you improve the quality of the products you purchase, the quality of your process, and to provide you with, "The Parts You Need, When You Need Them".

Services: Do you need operator training, equipment calibration, or equipment installation?  Just ask, and we will make the necessary arrangements, with the technician trained on your equipment.

    Do you have good used equipment that you wish to sell?  We can quickly contact our customers with your offer, and help you to sell your surplus equipment.

    Please call us with your application problems, your replacement parts requirements, your requirements for powders, masking tape, wire alloys, and your system needs.

Associations:  Our long association with ASM International, and our charter membership in the Thermal Spray Society, reflects our desire to remain a worthy partner within our industry.
A-Flame  Corporation
8175 Kroger Farm Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45243-1639 USA
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